Symantec Endpoint Protection Install Fails IIS Rollback



  • Windows Server 2003
  • IIS 6.0
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.x



  • Installation of the Symantec Endpoint Protection manager fails after the Configuring IIS stage. Rolling back
  • In the Windows Event Viewer – The Application log shows the following entry: “Event ID 11708. Source: MSI Installer. Description: Product: Symantec AntiVirus — Installation operation failed.”
  • Installation of Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager rolls back at Configuring IIS with error 8002801D.
  • MSINFO32 works properly.
  • Running IISExt.vbs /ListExt fails with: The IIS Admin scripts only support IIS 6.0

There have been a lot of different fixes for this problem due to the many causes. Symantec support was not very much help. Their solution was to install SEP on a different computer. I was never one to throw-in the towel easily. Never let a computer defeat you!


I recursed down the list starting with the most obvious causes through to the least likely. Nothing worked. The one nagging issue was in running the IISExt.vbs script. It frequently returned “The IIS Admin scripts only support IIS 6.0” even though IIS 6.0 was installed and seemed to be functioning properly. I installed all the windows updates, ran a chkdsk, checked permissions. removed old, unused sites and configuration.


I was getting ready to remove and re-install IIS and thought I would try one more easier step. I re-installed Server 2003 SP2 and rebooted. After the reboot, I tested the IISExt.vbs /ListExt and excellent, it was now working. Attempted the install of SEP and that works now also!


Now on to additional problems. LiveUpdate is now failing. Lucky me.


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