Do I need a Surge protector or UPS for my Computer Equipment

Question: Hello, I don’t know if I need a surge protector or not. I have 2 computers (1 laptop + 1 desktop), 1 printer, 1 lamp, 1 external hard drive, and 1 monitor all connected to 1 outlet through an extension cord. If I need a surge protector, do I need a high joules one (2000+ joule) or a cheaper one (300 joule)? Thank you guys.


There is a difference between a surge protector and a UPS. A surge protector as the name implies, protects your equipment from power surges. A UPS also provides power to cover short outages.


We recommend a UPS for your desktop especially if you live in an area with poor power. Most consumer UPSs these days have both Battery Backup outlets and Surge Protected only outlets. Only your desktop and its monitor would need the Battery Backup function.


Your laptop, printer and other computer components can be plugged into the Surge Protect only outlets.


A 500-1000 VA UPS will be sufficient for this application. We suggest higher quality products that will typically come with a warranty to cover your plugged in equipment if it is damaged by a surge.


Costo has some good prices on some consumer model UPSs.


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