How to setup Exchange or Office 365 email on a mobile device.

The procedure will vary depending on the mobile OS and email client application you are using. We will cover each OS / client separately.



To add email to your mobile device you will need the following:

  1. Your email address.
  2. Your email login name if different from your email address.
  3. Your email password.

Additional information may be needed for manual configuration. For Office 365 the defaults are:

  • Exchange Server:
  • Security Type: elect SSL/TLS or make sure the Use secure connection (SSL) checkbox is checked.
  • Port: 443 or 993


Native or Outlook client?

We currently recommend the Outlook client for users with email on Office 365. It has better feature support congruent with Office 365 email offerings.


Outlook for Android app

  1. Tap Get Started if this is your first time.
  2. Otherwise, to add another email account, open the Menu More button > Settings Settings > Add Account > Add Email Account.
  3. Outlook may detect your Google accounts. If you don’t want to add these accounts, tap Skip.
  4. You may be prompted for an email server type. Select Office 365 if your email is hosted on Microsoft Office 365. Select Exchange if your company email is hosted on your companies private Exchange Server.
    Outlook select email server type. Office 365, or Microsoft Exchange Server
    Outlook select email server type.
  5. Enter your full email address, then tap Continue.
  6. Enter your email account password and tap Sign In or Next.
  7. If multi-factor authentication is enabled, verify your identity.

Some work and school accounts have additional security requirements before you can use Outlook for Android. Follow the prompts or contact your admin.


Android native email client Samsung:

  1. Open the Samsung Email app and tap Add Account if it’s your first time. Or, go to Settings in the app > Add account.
  2. Enter your email address and password. Tap Sign in.
  3. If you’re prompted to select account type, choose Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to sync contacts and calendars.
  4. Tap Yes or Ok to confirm settings and permissions. What you see may vary depending on what kind of account you’re setting up.
  5. If you’ve turned on two-step verification, you’ll verify your identity with your chosen method.
  6. Syncing email, calendar, contacts, and tasks may take a few minutes.

If you’re still unable to set up your email, try the Manual Setup for Samsung Email app steps.


Apple iPhone native email client

  1. Go to your iPhone or iPad’s Settings > scroll down and tap Accounts & Passwords > Add Account. Note: If you’re on iOS 10, go to Mail > Accounts >Add Account.
  2. Select Exchange.
  3. Enter your Office 365, Exchange, or email address and a description of your account. Tap Next.
  4. Enter the password associated with your email account. Tap Sign in or Next.
  5. The Mail app may request certain permissions. Tap Accept.
  6. Choose the services you want to sync with your iOS device and tap Save.
    Select email sync options: Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Notes
    Select email sync options

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