So who owns the Walleye Pike?

The coffee drinking, princes smoking, green house owning German.

I put all the details in a grid. Then I recursed through the grid several times.

Through a process of elimination and logic here is a chart of the results.

Dane Dane Dane Dane Dane
Swede Swede Swede Swede Swede
German German German German German
Norwegian Norwegian Norwegian Norwegian Norwegian
Brit Brit Brit Brit Brit
Red Red Red Red Red
Green Green Green Green Green
Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow
Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue
White White White White White
Milk Milk Milk Milk Milk
Tea Tea Tea Tea Tea
Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer
Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
Water Water Water Water Water
Pall Malls Pall Malls Pall Malls Pall Malls Pall Malls
Dunhills Dunhills Dunhills Dunhills Dunhills
Blends Blends Blends Blends Blends
Bluemasters Bluemasters Bluemasters Bluemasters Bluemasters
Princes Princes Princes Princes Princes
Cats Cats Cats Cats Cats
Dogs Dogs Dogs Dogs Dogs
Birds Birds Birds Birds Birds
Horses Horses Horses Horses Horses
Walleye Pike Walleye Pike Walleye Pike Walleye Pike Walleye Pike