How to delete or clear the Task Scheduler log in Windows

Procedure for clearing the TaskScheduler og in Windows.

It seems to be an on-going oversite and a silly issue. Clearing the Task Scheduler log is not obvious or intuitive. The other problem is the log in not ordered properly.


To clear the log requires stopping the Task Scheduler service. There are a couple ways to do it.


The easier way:


  1. Open the Task Scheduler control panel.
  2. View the log from the Advanced menu.
  3. Stop the Task scheduler service
  4. Delete the log data from within the viewer (typically notepad).
  5. Save the log from the notepad viewer.
  6. Start the task scheduler service.


The automated way:


Put this is a batch file or paste into a command prompt window:


net stop “task scheduler”
del /Q c:\windows\tasks\schedlgu.txt
net start “task scheduler”

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