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abril 25, 2018
You are here : Products and Services  >  Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair - Broken LCD Screen

  • The laptop screen is dim
  • The laptop screen is black
  • The laptop screen is damaged in some way
  • You have a cracked laptop screen
  • You have a broken laptop screen
  • The laptop screen goes blank after start up



Laptop Repair - Broken LCD Screen

Broken laptop displays are one of our most common problems we encounter. Laptops/Netbooks are accidently dropped, stepped on, or handled too roughly contantly;result - damaged laptop screen.

Depending on the model of your laptop, screen repair can be cheap and fast. A replacement of a damaged screen usually takes around 20 to 60 minutes depending on the model (this does not include time variable for stock availability of the LCD). The LCD (liquid crystal display) is commonly fractured leaving a warped image on the screen with lines and bleeding. You will find that LCD's are not usually repaired but replaced.

If you require laptop screen replacement, bring or send your laptop to our shop for a FREE estimate! No matter what type of laptop LCD monitor or laptop display, or what symptoms you are experiencing, Byte solutions has the solution to fix or replace your laptop screen. We stock a wide assortment of new & used replacement laptop LCD screens for most popular brands.

Byte Solutions' prices of laptop screen repair depend on the model and screen size of your laptop.

Screens usually come in following sizes, with either a gloss or matte finish.

10.2” LCD (This size of screen usually fits netbooks such as the Samsung NC10)
14.1” LCD (Usually for smaller laptops such as some Sony VAIO)
15.4” LCD (This is the most common size of laptop screen we replace)
16 + Up LCD (As the screens get bigger the price goes up however there is not that great a difference in price)

If you’d like a quote for a laptop repair please call us at 561-338-9696. Please have your model number of your laptop readily available so we can provide you a speedy quote.