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February 18, 2018
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Byte Solutions Computer Support News Q2 2010
Created by Gary in 3/17/2010 8:31:12 AM


What is the best browser?

I have been an advocate of Internet Explorer for many years. My main points were:

  1. IE is built into windows so it is installed anyway. It is updated with Windows Update along with other components.
  2. Adding yet another browser to your system provides another path for problems, another application to maintain and update.

Many of you had argued that Firefox is more secure or just you like it better because it has tabs. IE has had tabs for a long time now.

This chart should be a real eye opener. Firefox is by far the most vulnerable browser. For the full report Web Application Security Trends Report

Web Browser Vulnerabilities by Major Type


Hurricane season fast approaching

Well it is aproaching that time of year again here in South Florida: Hurricane Season. Even out of the season reliable backups of your data is important. We typically recomend a combination of methods to secure your data and your mind. Typical stratagy consists of these components:

  • Local tape drive
  • Local hard disk
  • Replication to a backup site.
  • Offsite backup service.

Each component offers their own benefits. Today we are discussing the Offsite backup service. Several years ago these services were too expensive and bandwidth too slow to support any significant amount of backup. This is no longer the case.Most customers have at least DSL and the prices are now very reasonable especially when you consider the cost of tape drives, maintenance and tape replacement.

Byte Solutions has been working with MozyPro for the past couple year and have been very happy with the features and reliability. MozyPro is designed for Business Customers. Do not confuse it with its lesser sibling Mozy or Carbonite which are designed for home users. Some of the significant features designed for businesses are:

  • Open and locked file support - MozyPro backs up all open and locked files, including Outlook PST files.
  • Version (snapshot) support - Restore file versions up to 30 days in the past.
  • SQL, Exchange, and network drive support - Mozy backs up common business applications running on Windows servers. 
  • Encryption - All user data is encrypted locally with military-grade encryption prior to transfer via a 128-bit SSL connection. Users can choose a managed encryption key or a personal key for added security.
  • Automatic or scheduled backups - Choose automatic backups to run while your computer is not in use or schedule backups to be performed daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Block-level incremental backups - After the initial backup, Mozy only backs up new or changed portions of files, saving bandwidth and ensuring future backups are lightning fast.
  • Bandwidth throttling - Determine how much bandwidth you want to dedicate to your backups so other high-priority programs can run unimpeded.
  • Alerts and permissions - Customize email alerts to monitor the health of your backups and set policies on what file types are backed up by users.

MozyPro costs $6.95 per month per server and $0.50 per GB per month for storage. For example if you have one server and 50GB of data to backup, your monthly cost will be $31.95.

Byte Solutions is currently offering free installation and configuration of MozyPro with a minimum 1 year 50GB backup contract.