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March 17, 2018
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Sunday Jazz Brunch Bobby Rodriguez Orchestra with Guest Julia Dale

Nov 08 2011

I have always loved music and frequently visit the Sunday Jazz Brunch in Fort Lauderdale on Riverwalk. This month November 2011 The Bobby Rodriguez Orchestra was the guest on the main stage.

Bobby is an interesting guy. Besides running his 19 piece orchestra, he also teaches, plays trumpet, speaks publicly to promote music and produces two of South Florida's most popular and awarded events: The Cajun-Zydeco festival and the Renaissance festival.

Bobby had a special guest, well actually two of them, but being a father of two girls, this one really caught my attention as well as the attention of the entire crowd. The guest is ten year old Julia Dale. Bobby and Julia sang a song together and seemed to enjoy singing together more than the crowd enjoyed listening to them which says a lot since the crowd was totally enamored with the performance.

In writing this article I did some research and found that Julia has had several public performances. I have included a couple interesting You Tube videos below.

 Bobby Rodriguez and Julia Dale Sunday Jazz Brunch 20111106


Here is a link to a video I took with my phone. The video is very good but the sound stinks, sorry. This was my first video with my new phone. I still have to figure out the sound issue.
Bobby Rodriguez and Julia Dale singing at November 2011 Riverwalk Jazz Brunch.