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March 17, 2018
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iVerbiage a funny look at iStuff

Sep 17 2010

iBlind - What you become after watching too many movies on a too small screen.

iCrap - All Apple products.

iCrapper - The place where all your old and broken iCrap goes.

iCrapshoot - The process of finding a fix for iCrap problems. Debugging and repairing iCrap is really an iCrapshoot due to the poor or non-existent logs and error information.

iCrash - The result of texting while driving.

iLockup - The place people escape from when jail breaking their iPhone. Also the place you may wind up if you publish a story about a not yet released iThing.

iPhone - like I Man, it is the beginning of self-awareness by a phone.

iSchmuck - One who blindly buys any and all iCrap. Generally following hyped-up news stories and marketing. They spend too much on iCrap when the same or better functionality can be bought for less.