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January 21, 2018
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Annoyances: Microsoft Office Accounting Payroll and ADP

Sep 27 2009

For anyone who has been using the “integrated” ADP Payroll with Microsoft Office Accounting (MOA) you hopefully that by the end of September 2009 you will no longer have the ADP payroll. This news was poorly disseminated and only explained as “Microsoft and ADP will no longer be working together”. The suggested replacement payroll solution is ADP. After you call ADP to discuss your options and pricing, you will probably need to get yourself up from the floor. What was costing me $160 / year was suddenly going to cost me $47.25 per pay run which equals $2457 / year. As an added benefit, it will no longer integrate to Microsoft Office Accounting.

Well, we immediately started a search for options. We found that there were many options to choose from. This was quite a relief for two reasons. One, I do not like to be at the mercy of large corporations. I have too much experience being bullied around by monopolies like AT&T dictating to us their terms. And two, I am not paying any company $2457 / year to be able to run my payroll.

We narrowed the choices down to two packages that both appear to be excellent packages and have many more features than either the payroll integrated into MOA or the suggested replacement. Even nicer, they will only cost me between $70 and $250 to get started and $35 to $125 / year for tax table updates. Below are the two packages we thought were best suited for small and cost conscious businesses.

The ONLY downside we have found is the lack of true integration to Microsoft Office Accounting. This lack of integration is mainly due to the newness and small market share of MOA. Many of the Payroll software vendors had never heard of MOA. To be fair, many payroll packaged do not even integrate to Quickbooks. The workaround for the lack of integration is to either import or manually enter a summary batch on a monthly basis.

I would live any input on this topic including suggestions for alternatives!

CheckMark - Payroll for Small Business:

Are you the only one you know who dreads pay day? Now it just got a lot easier! From 401(k)s to vacation accruals, CheckMark Payroll keeps you on track, in compliance, and stress-free no matter what type of business you run. Use it as a stand-alone program, or post to just about any accounting software on the market. Comes loaded with all the tax tables, ability to print W-2 forms at year end, can track employees vacation and sick time. It's an all in one solution for small businesses. You can view a demo here. $249 and $125/year for updates.

ZPay PayWindow Payroll:

It's so easy to use that you don't have to have any accounting experience. It includes all the features you would expect from a quality payroll software solution and it's new feature allows even easier processing. PayWindow Payroll now can deposit your payroll direct to your employee's bank accounts via an actual ACH NACHA formatted file created after each payroll. No more need for a 3rd party ACH processor. With this new feature, simply perform your payroll, export a true ACH data file and send it to your bank. Price is $69.95. You can get a downloaded demo here. $69.95 for the software and $35 per year for the annual upgrades.