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January 21, 2018
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Cool portable USB additional computer monitor MIMO 710

Jun 24 2009

I have some customers who can never have enough screen space. I also fall into this category. I typically work with five monitors on my desktop. I am far beat by one of my customers who has the equlivilent of 8, 24", 1920x1280 monitors on his desk. Four of these reside in one 56" quad resolution monitor. Once you start using multiple displays, it is hard to go back to one. Here is a picture of the setup.

Desktop computer with eight hi-resolution monitors

Well you cannot pack that cool 56" monitor in your laptop case and it certianly will not fit through the airport x-ray machines. I have now come across a cool, inexpensive portable add-on monitor you can take with you anyware and also plug into your home or office desktop. It is the MIMO 710 and its touch cousin the MIMO 740. You can find more info here: MIMO

I should have one of each of these in my hands to play with in the next couple days. I will update this with the details when I know more.

MIMO 710 portable usb monitorMIMO portable usb touch screen monitor

Here are some of the features.

  • Small monitor runs completely off of USB, giving you an extra mini display whenever and wherever you need it. 
  • No extra power needed. The Mimo monitor is powered by USB. 
  • No extra video card. The Mimo has a built in video card that runs over any USB 2.0 connection. 
  • Rotating Portrait or Landscape view. Go vertical for notes and spreadsheets, horizontal to watch a movie. 
  • Great for laptop use. The Mimo stores easily in your bag and is ready to go simply by plugging it in 
  • Mac and Windows driver support (intel Mac only) 
  • Display size - 7" 
  • Display resolution - 800 x 480 
  • Brightness - 350 cd/m2 
  • Contrast ratio - 400:1 
  • Connections - USB 2.0