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March 17, 2018
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Great use of technology to eliminate one of life's annoyances.

Sep 16 2012

 On a recent trip to Quito Ecuador one of the shopping mall garages had signs that told you where there are empty parking spaces so you do not have to drive around. The sign had numbers of free spaces in that direction. Each parking space has a sensor above to give real-time info. Each space also has a light (red or green) to give you the status you can see from afar.

Microsoft on list of most ethical companies. 2012

Sep 15 2012

Microsoft, Cisco, Symantec, Adobe are some of the most ethical companies to make the list released in 2012.

We value ethics at Byte Solutions and support these companies that have made the list. We hope that one year we will be large enough to make this list as well.Byte Solutions has been Microsoft, Cisco and Symantec partners for many years and will continue for many more.

Logical Health - The Fun Theory

Oct 28 2009

 This video is very cool. In Sweden, they did an experiment to make stairs fun. The result: 66% more people chose the stairs over the escalator than normal.